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Style and beauty tend to end up being important aspects to entertaining your guests or clients. While people often remember the food or wine at a dinner party—and hopefully the discussions or entertainment—the overall aesthetics of the space around which they’re dining will often draw just as much attention. Custom upholstery throughout a home makes a definitive statement of elegance thats sure to make you the envy of all your friends. – Call For A Free Quote Today! (702) 565-9384

The Appearance of Beautiful Upholstery – P.I. Upholstery

Reupholstering Outdoor Furniture - P.I. Upholstery Services of Las Vegas, Nevada

Reupholstering Outdoor Furniture – P.I. Upholstery Services of Las Vegas, Nevada

Appearances tend to end up being really important around boutiques, beauty salons, hotels, or waiting rooms. Once your customers gather, one immediate topic of discussion will likely end up being your decor and sense of style. While discussion pieces such as artwork or books can end up being appealing, customers pay just as much attention to the upholstery on seats and furnishings. Out-of-date or old furniture can leave a permanent mark. We can create custom upholstery in Las Vegas that’s sure to excite your customers attentions and leave them awe of your elegant style.

Commercial Upholstered Booths

Commercial Upholstered Booths

Chair upholstery should end up being warm, but also beautiful. It needs to be clean and without frays so people can sit comfortably. And it must be styled so that the whole room is pulled together. Mismatched pieces are distracting. We can use your existing color schemes or a totally unique custom upholstery concept, to create a room that conveys one impression throughout the seating as well as valances and more. And our services certainly aren’t limited to living rooms.

The custom upholstery around dining rooms is important as well. In and around a room where people will likely end up sitting stationary for a significant amount of time, its important to have comfortable upholstery that’s also beautiful and uniquely designed. Whether you want a pattern that denotes the joys of food and family, or solid colors that keep everyone focused on the meals before them, we’ll work with you to create the dining room of your dreams, where you can eat, chat, and laugh without having to worry about your upholstery.

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