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P.I. Upholstery Provides Top Notch Upholstery and Re-Upholstery Services – (702) 565-9384

P.I. Upholstery Shop specializes in both residential and commercial upholstery service. Our professional team can provide upholstery and reupholstering services for your antique and modern furniture, seats for jet ski, sea-doo’s, snowmobiles, boats, RV’s, custom fit cushions for built-in sofas, breakfast nooks, dining room chairs and booths, banquets and benches, and so much more. Call us today for a fee quote – (702) 565-9384

New “cheap” furnishings these days are usually deceiving, poorly made, and problematic over a long period of time. Older furniture was built to withstand the test of time, with solid hardwood framing, heavy spring systems, and high-end upholstery grade fabrics .Antique furniture is just made better. Contact P.I. Upholstery today, you’ll enjoy working with our friendly, helpful and knowledgeable professional upholsterers.

Are You Looking For A New Look

P.I. Professional Upholstery services can offer suggestions and design ideas for your custom upholstery or re-upholstery job. No matter what condition your outdated or antique furniture is currently in, we’ll be able to give it new life and a fresh new look. We firmly believe that each piece of well made furniture can be rescued and restored before it becomes part of the landfill and furniture these days are simply not built to last. So don’t hesitate and call P.I. Upholstery today. We’re here to help if you just so happen to have a couch or chair that you feel is worth saving. Call P.I. Today – (702) 565-9384